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As your coach, Marcia will be your professional partner, objective sounding board, and personal motivator. She will challenge you to be your best and move beyond self-limiting beliefs, actions, and habits. She will give you honest feedback and support your search for hidden answers. Instead of telling you what to do, Marcia will facilitate your personal and professional growth so you can make more informed decisions for yourself.

Spiritual Teacher

Your spiritual growth is a very important part of personal development, therefore, Marcia has been helping young adults navigate this area of their lives for over 25 years. Mindfulness and mindful meditation are used to help clients create a gauge for daily life, helping clients to navigate their spiritual journey and quest to deepen their spiritual growth.

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Image by Clay Banks

Unlock your happiness

Image by Arthur Ogleznev

Manifest you highest potential

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Live your life with EASE

Marcia Scott is a coach and spiritual teacher. She has over 4,000 members of “the SUCCESS MOVEMENT” some of whom have become coaching clients. Through coaching and spiritual teaching, members and clients are able to:

Shared Inspiration

“Mrs. Scott is absolutely amazing.  She has a way of getting an individual to slow down and pay attention to one's self.  I’ve learned so many tools that’ll create and implement instrumental changes for the rest of my lifetime.” 


Ashante S. Miller, Artist and Poet

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