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About Marcia Scott

Marcia M. Scott is a spiritual teacher and life coach whose purpose is to help others unlock their happiness. Marcia has spent thirty-one years of her life practicing the transformational tool of mindful meditation. She teaches you how to use this tool to help you navigate this thing called life so that you can live an abundant, healthy, and prosperous life.

As a science teacher and mother for many years, she has spent many hours with young people teaching them how to live a life of happiness and maximize their potential. This spiritual work has motivated her to devote her life to finding out what works and inspiring others with discovery.  Her YouTube channel features a short video of her story that explains her passion to inspire. 

Clients describe her as the person who inspired them to wake up and live fully while they are alive, by unlocking the power they have within.  She believes this is done by learning to use the most powerful tool in one’s possession, the mind. Like any other tool, she acknowledges that the mind, if used incorrectly, will produce undesirable results.

In order to release the power within, you must purify your mind. She calls this process the metamorphosis of healing. Healing is a medley of many ingredients, one of which is the practice of meditation. When healing occurs, clients wake up to meet themselves by changing old thought patterns and are ultimately transformed. 


It is my belief that you are gifted and part of my role is to help you tap into your highest potential and unlock your unique gifts and talents. We live in a field of endless possibilities and each one of us can manifest our highest good. 


“Mrs. Scott is absolutely amazing.  She has a way of getting an individual to slow down and pay attention to one's self.  I’ve learned so many tools that’ll create and implement instrumental changes for the rest of my lifetime.” 


Ashante S. Miller, Artist and Poet

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