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Lindsey Foss, LCMFT
Lindsey Foss

How to Start Healing


Lindsey is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist (LCMFT). She is the proud owner of Lindsey Foss Therapy where she works with individuals, couples, and families. She emphasizes a holistic approach to mental health, centered on the premise that complete wellness involves balancing mind, body, spirit, and relationships. Her professional experiences include coaching professionals on managing burnout, guiding young adults as they manage major transitions, helping couples enrich their relationships, and providing play therapy for children with their parents.

Lindsey's approach to therapy emphasizes the mind-body connection, incorporating mindfulness and systemic thinking. She emphasizes a collaborative approach, helping clients draw on their strengths and resources while examining patterns, both individually and interpersonally, that may cause them to feel stuck.  

Lindsey is a proud Richmond Spider and has a B.A. in Global Politics and Diplomacy. She earned her M.S. in Couple and Family Therapy from the University of Maryland, College Park. Originally from North Carolina, Lindsey has lived in the D.C. area for 12 years.

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A 52-day interactive virtual intensive

transformational growth program. 

July 10 - August 31, 2021

This program includes 3 virtual weekend retreats, 40 daily morning, inspirational thirty-minute webinars, and lifetime membership to a prosperity mastermind group. 

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+ 1 (954) 256-0262

“Acorn” A transformation program that creates a wealth mindset.


Just as the tiny acorn carries the divine coding of being a mighty oak tree, there is a divine coding of success within each of us.  This divine coding allows the transformation of the acorn into an oak tree, and you into your success.

This program includes 3 virtual weekend retreats, 40 daily morning, inspirational thirty-minute
webinars, and lifetime membership to a prosperity mastermind group. 


Are you practicing meditation, prayer, yoga, writing goals, fasting, and yet, you are still unable to manifest the success that is deep within? 


Why is this happening?

You need to unlock the storehouse of the mind to release limited thoughts that were created within.  Maybe at one point in life you accepted negative thoughts or beliefs such as …


You were not

good enough


Life is supposed

to be hard


You are going to

lose before you

start the race


You do not have

the power within

to rise into

your success

This 52-day interactive virtual intensive growth program will teach you to unlock the storehouse that is your mind to release limited thoughts.

You will learn to move beyond the cycle of struggle and hit-or-miss successes, into an organized, systematic, and committed success plan for life.  After applying these practices and trainings offered through the program, the intent is for each participant to experience:






Body, Mind, and Soul


What will you experience by attending?

A Mind Shift

Within two or three weeks of this program, participants will observe a mind shift from lack and limitation into streams of abundance and affluence.

Increased Clarity and Creativity

As we attune our thoughts towards the divine and allow consciousness to flow within, we become more aware of the energetic force of “increase” and “plenty”.  This awakening and awareness gives us a greater clarity of the circumstances and situations which occur around us, allowing us to see, choose, and express success.

The 40-day Prosperity Program will deepen your reflection to create transformation in different areas of your life.  You will easily attract conditions and people partnering with your desires.  You will also observe desires that are not good for you, dissolving from your mind with ease.  The experience of success, with simple life occurrences/tasks, like finding the perfect parking space, will always show up for you.

Develop Healthier Relationships

This program will create a safe space for healing from core wounds and scars by setting up your path to healthy relationships.  Learn how to create thriving loving relationships by shifting core beliefs in order to receive the love you desire.  You will get the tools to become the magnet for the love of your life

Establish a Mindset of Affluence and Abundance

The difference between change and transformation, is that transformation in irreversible.  Once you start putting these tools in place, you cannot go back.  Once you are awoken to the truth of who you are, it is impossible to be comfortable with who you were.  You will now find that inner strength and courage to more out of your comfort zone.  You will now believe in your vision, when no one else believes it.  You will now be able to apply for that job that you thought was impossible.  You will now be able to live the life of your dreams.

Every individual is intended to live a successful life.  You contain within you the capacity for endless prosperity.  This program helps you tap into this principal of truth.  The only guarantee is that when you consistently practice with the abundance tools given, you will create enough changes to lead to your prosperity transformation.

Harness the Mastermind Connection

Leverage the power of building Mastermind Groups with like-minded people focused on continued development through practice.  Connect with fellow program participants for support and encouragement as you evolve through your awareness.


All sessions are virtual

10 Sessions

First 3 weekends of the program

July 10 & July 11

(10 AM - 2 PM)

July 17 & July 18

(10 AM - 2 PM)

July 24 & July 25

(10 AM - 1 PM)

40 Sessions

Consecutive days of early morning affirmations, meditations, and Kundalini Yoga

July 11 thru August 19

Daily 30 minutes session

Last 12 days of programs

Leverage the power of building Mastermind Groups and meet with spiritual prosperity teacher.

Optional Opportunity to have a one-on-one coaching session.

2 Sessions

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Unlock your happiness

Image by Arthur Ogleznev

Manifest you highest potential

Image by Nghia Le

Live your life with EASE

Marcia Scott is a coach and spiritual teacher. She has over 4,000 members of

the SUCCESS MOVEMENT” some of whom have become coaching clients. Through coaching and spiritual teaching, members and clients are able to:


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Program Consultant


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“Mrs. Scott is absolutely amazing.  She has a way of getting an individual to slow down and pay attention to one's self.  I’ve learned so many tools that’ll create and implement instrumental changes for the rest of my lifetime.” 


Ashante S. Miller, Artist and Poet