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21 Sunday Sessions

Dates: January 15, 2023 to June 18, 2023

Finally, your one-stop-shop for self-improvement is here with the ACORN Transformation Program.


Inside of the ACORN Transformation program, you’ll experience the series of changes that need to take place to bring about a transformation in your life.


We’ll cover the most important aspects of your life that are leaving you feeling stagnant and unfulfilled.


You’ll learn about the energetics power of money and how to actually allow abundance to flow into your life.


We’ll remove the mindset blocks that are preventing you from reaching your fullest potential so you can pay off debt, save for your next big investment or finally feel able to spend some money on yourself. 


You’ll learn how to redefine and find your life partner regardless of whether they’re taking this workshop with you or they’re waiting for you to find them.



The most important thing is learning how to love yourself first so you can love others. We’ll cover that too. 


With unique virtual event you’ll have the tools to shift yourself into a prosperity mindset so you can finally create the life that you’ve only dreamt about up till this point. The support doesn’t end when ACORN Transformation does though. You’ll be matched with a group of like-minded individuals who will be there to support you through quarterly calls with me for life. 



What will you get in these 21 Sunday Session? 


  1. Life lessons on how to:


  • Cleanse yourself of old habits and beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your true potential. 


  • Examine your finances from an energetic and prosperity mindset, so you can finally start to call in the abundance that you’ve been dreaming about. 


  • Be the person that attracts great love into your life, instead of chasing it away. 


  • Harness energy so you can create a life that you’re proud of and love living. 


  • Transform your entire life so you know the exact process to follow to create micro transformations long after you’ve completed the program. 


2. Acorn - Spiritual Success e-Workbook, that contains daily affirmation, study note taking and inspirational quotes. (available for purchase)


If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, business leader, professional stakeholder, parent, spouse, or someone who desires a transformation to live your life as the highest expression of yourself, I can help you get there. Helping people to leave their old stories behind while embodying new ones brings me my greatest joy.


The techniques that I use have been perfected over the course of three decades while I guided clients through the processes that lead to both inner and outer transformations. Whether they’re a hair stylist who realized their talent is bigger than the salon or a young lawyer who’s been awakened to their worth and able to negotiate a seven-figure job for themselves, they all learn that they have the potential to be great. Then they use the tools that we create together to rise to the occasion and create the life that they’ve been daydreaming about for so long. 


As a former teacher, I understand the intricacies involved in learning abstract concepts that can change your life. I use my knowledge and expertise to ensure that all of my clients have a clear direction after our work together and know exactly which action steps to take to ensure they’re reaching their goals. In my current capacity, I act as a conduit for the Divine Flow that allows my clients to experience true self-worth and dignity.


We use a combination of science and spirituality to empower people into action so they can overcome their self-doubts and step into the most empowered version of themselves.


Join us for this wonderful adventure into self.


All sessions are virtual

21 Sunday Sessions

January 15, 2023 to June 18, 2023

Learn more about the 21 Sunday Sessions

Mastermind Groups

Leverage the power of building Mastermind Groups and meet with spiritual prosperity teacher.

Optional opportunity to have a one-on-one coaching session.

Learn more about the Mastermind Groups

Dive Deeper

Dive deeper with 3 virtual weekend retreats, 40 inspirational forty-minute morning webinars.

Prosperity Retreat

(40 Inspirational Webinars)

Consecutive days of early morning affirmations, meditations, and
Kundalini Yoga

May 28, 2023 to

July 9, 2023

Learn more about
the Forty-Day
Prosperity Retreat

Weekend Retreat

Relationships "Calling
in the One

Learn how to create
thriving loving relationships by shifting core beliefs to receive the love you desire

February 11 & 12, 2023

Learn more about
the Relationship
Weekend Retreat

Weekend Retreat

When you consistently practice with the abundance tools given, you will create enough changes to lead
to your prosperity transformation.

April 15 & 16, 2023

Learn more about the
Financial Weekend Retreat

Meditation, Self-Care &
Yoga Weekend Retreat

Once you are awoken to
the truth of who you are,
it is impossible to be comfortable with who
you were. Meditation and yoga are tools used to
help with this process.

May 20 & 21, 2023

Learn more about the Meditation, Self-Care & Yoga Weekend Retreat

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